Being able to rely on a large network of our own highly motivated staff and carefully selected outsourced collaborators, we are able to concentrate the efforts of some of the best professionals in the business on safeguarding and promoting the interests of the client.

This total-care approach is designed to guarantee the athlete’s peace of mind, leaving them free to focus exclusively on their professional growth and performance on the pitch.

We offer a wide range of professional services, listed below.

For footballers:


when drawing up contracts with clubs.

Handling technical

and other forms of sponsorship, including public image management.

Legal assistance

in matters of tax and insurance, etc.


Athletic and psychological coaching

Financial planning

to safeguard savings and investments


and press relations

Football clubs can also make use of the following professional services:

Consultancy and assistance

en los traspasos, renovaciones de contrato y afiliación de los jugadores de fútbol.


Actividades de scout.