Patrick Bastianelli, whose first language is German, has a degree in Economics, and decided to dedicate himself to sports management after being certified as a sports agent. By taking on a management role, he has, over the years, been able to engineer significant results on behalf of his clients. His work is strongly influenced by his core values, upon which all footballers choosing to sign up with his agency can rely.

His prime mission is to drive the realization of his players’ sporting targets, assisting them to reach their professional goals thanks to his own hard work, and that of his growing body of staff.

His work as a sports agent is fueled by passion and enthusiasm, and he gives equal weight to professional and personal relationships. He is tirelessly dedicated to handling the interests of his clients, whether they be footballers or clubs, with professionalism and to best effect. He works together with the client to build and implement a personal plan, to ensure that each footballer grows and expresses their maximum potential, day after day. This plan is actuated through daily input targeted towards building every aspect of their career, a round-the-clock approach that we know can make the difference.

Patrick is a firm believer in team values, that’s why his work aims to create groups that work well together.

Furthermore, thanks to his finely honed language and interpersonal skills, his clients can benefit from a large network of international contacts – a indispensible tool in a wide-ranging gamut of client-driven services designed and tailored to enable the client to develop and achieve their professional goals.